Malibu Meets Fort Lauderdale

Say hello to high fashion, luxury cars, dogs wearing shoes and yachts that will run you over one hundred million dollars.  Welcome to the Fort Lauderdale International Yacht show!  This PR expected to find herself in awe inspiring territory but jaw dropping is a much better way to describe it. 

From gorgeous beaches to mansions owned by Jay Leno and shopping malls with valet parking Fort Lauderdale is a rich man’s paradise.  It is also the “Yachting Capital of the World” which is exactly why I was there. 


 On opening day, I took an Uber from my hotel to the Double Tree Resort where I was going to meet up with PR expert and business owner Laurie Hart of Think Hart Solutions and Yacht Lead Management from New Bern North Carolina. One thing you should know about Uber and Lyft drivers in this area is that they speak little to no English.

They are very friendly but don’t expect much conversation. Upon arrival I was greeted by Laurie and we boarded the water taxi that would take us to the main dock. While aboard a water taxi in this area you can expect two things. The first is that the captain and his mates will amuse and inform you of what mansion belongs to who and any funny scandals involved with it. 

The second is that you will find yourself in shock at how massive and exquisite these waterfront homes are. As we neared our drop off we passed an area where the homes were even larger. At this point the first mate informs us that here the bank accounts are larger, the houses are much bigger and the wives are much younger. 


Another thing you will notice is all the toys and accessories attached to these homes.  Naturally there are yachts but there are also landing pads for helicopters, enormous garages and even mini submarines. 

The best joke I heard during the whole adventure is that the captains finally figured out why these men need a helicopter, yacht and a submarine. The joke is that while the wife is spying on the husband from the helicopter he can relax on the yacht knowing his girlfriend is hidden and waiting in the submarine below! 


Las Olas Marina is buzzing with people when we arrive.  There are booths set up, ticket vendors and yachts as far as the eye can see.   Now I will admit that I am in no way a yacht expert.  In fact, all I know is that they are big, beautiful and expensive.  However, you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy the show.  These magnificent vessels attract enormous crowds of curious onlookers anxious to get an exclusive peak of the inside. 

Add in the buyers and the businessmen and its estimated that nearly 100,000 people attended the event.  A wide variety of boats were on display including runabouts, sport fishers, high performance boats, center consoles, cabin cruisers, flats boats, skiffs, express cruisers, sailing yachts, motor yachts, bow riders, catamarans, ski boats, jet boats, trawlers, inflatables, canoes, and extraordinary super yachts. 

While the yachts were the main attraction there was of course other means of entertainment. Hundreds of show exhibits ranging from yacht builders and designers to exotic cars and brokerage yachts were set up as well.  I really enjoyed the art exhibits and getting to meet Florida artist Carly Mejeur.  Carly paints sea creatures on maps.  Although she is not the first artist to come up with the idea she has a brilliant technique. 


Finding great food wasn’t a problem either.  However, it was during the lunch break that I really started to feel like an outsider.  While enjoying a grilled swiss burger and sweet potato fries I took notice of the people around me, particularly the women.  Suddenly, I felt like the only royal blue crayon at an all teal party.  I was in a sea of hundred dollar haircuts and Louis Vuitton handbags. 

Okay, I did see a Fendi or two as well but you get the picture.  At one point, I noticed a woman look at my lovely Michael Kors handbag and smirk.  I was insulted.  Not for me, but for my handbag.  Believe it or not I actually patted my handbag and said “its ok little one. Who’s a pretty handbag.”  Yes, I went there! Then I smiled and finished my lunch. 


All in all, I must say that getting to experience this event was a fantastic adventure.  Working alongside Laurie meeting yacht brokers, vendors, other marketing professionals and people from around the world gave me a whole new experience that I can learn from professionally and personally.

Not to mention, getting to see in person hundred million dollar yachts complete with their own submarines (yes, the big yachts had mini subs too) car garages and indoor pools was incredible.  The sunsets were amazing too.  If you ever get a chance to attend one of these events I greatly encourage you to do so.  You can find more information on Until the next adventure…..






What is the MalibuSelfies App? 

The MalibuSelfies App is the brainchild of visionary social media expert Tango Lee Bronson and was developed under close supervision by our very talented friends at 360 IT Professionals

Our desire was to build a social media platform that incorporates the best of the best features of

the top social media web sites.   MalibuSelfies is a fun and easy to use app that’s loaded with features that allows users to customize and share their videos & photos within the app and on other social media sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Information Screen

The Information screen is accessible by pressing on the question mark (?) in the top right corner of every page.  This screen contains a link to the Website FAQ Page….

which serves as the online help and MalibuSelfies App User’s Instructional Manual!

(“YES” , if you’re reading this you’ve already found your way here) 

Note: If additional help is needed, App Users can use our Website’s Contact Page to submit any questions, comments and or suggestions.

Profile Page 

The app automatically opens up on the profile page after a user  signs in or if they were on that  page when the app was closed.  To access the profile page click on the profile icon in the navigation menu on the bottom of the page.  the profile icon is the last icon in the navigation menu.

Search Page

The second icon on the bottom navigation menu is a magnifying glass, the symbol for the search feature. By selecting this icon the search page is opened and a user can search and see photos or videos under three tab views…  All, Photo or Video.

Note: by clicking on the first icon on the top right corner of the search page a user can search for other  MalibuSelfies registered users (users logged in with Twitter or Facebook will not be discovered).

Selfies Page

Considered the meat of the app… The Selfies page is accessible by clicking on the selfies icon.

This is how the user adds photos and/or videos to their dashboard.

Click on the Selfies Icon in the center of the navigation menu at the bottom of the profile page. to begin posting.  After clicking the selfies icon the selfies page will load and it will display the Selfie Icon  which looks like a camera and the Video Icon  (see screenshot below).

Choose the camera icon to post a photo or choose the  video icon to post a video. Which ever icon you choose, you will then be given a choice to post a photo or video taken with your device or uploaded from the files in the device’s gallery or image collection.

Splash Screen

The Splash Page is the first page that loads when the MalibuSelfies App is opened, regardless of whether the user is logged in or signed out of the app.

Login / Register Screens

These Screens give an unregistered user the opportunity to register or allow a registered user to advance to the login / login with Twitter or Facebook screen.

Note: An unregistered user can also select login button, then login to the MalibuSelfies App using  their Twitter or Facebook account.


Dashboard Page

The dashboard is accessible by selecting the first icon on the bottom navigation menu, that’s shaped like a house. From the dashboard page a user can view photos and videos posted by friends, under the Public  or Private tabs.  By clicking on the heart icon you can like a photo or video and clicking on the comment icon a user can leave a comment about the photo or video.  A user can also select and watch a friends video from the dashboard.

How do I post a photo or video? 

Before you can post a photo or video you must login to your account on the login page, after you install and register the app .   It’s free to download, register and use the MalibuSelfies App.

Open the app to the profile page

(see profile page image above for an explanation of navigation menu)